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    Milwaukee's Disappearing Schools: Architectural gems "haunted" by schoolhouse echoes.

Milwaukee's Disappearing Schools

A photo essay executed in partnership with journalist Bobby Tanzillo on the disappearing architectural heritage of the many closing and abandoned buildings among the Milwaukee Public Schools.

As a kid I thought I knew my school inside and out. I spent seven years there, after all.
But, only once did I manage to see the inner workings of the building's physical plant in the basement. It felt like spelunking. The same sense of mystery made it exciting to peer in the window of the doors that led to the fallout shelter beneath the stage in the auditorium or on the rare occasion one could sneak into the old locker rooms behind the gym.

-Bobby Tanzillo

Faded decorations on the bulletin boards remind us that Garfield was most recently home to the private Woodson Academy. It almost feels like everyone went home one Friday afternoon and forgot to return on Monday morning.
-Bobby Tanzillo

Philipp is an arts and crafts dream. Outside, the building is adorned with terra cotta tiles showing scenes from fairy tales: cows jumping over moons, moms and their big families outside their shoe houses, Mary and her little lamb, etc.
-Bobby Tanzillo
Then, along the east wall of the bright, airy room, is a beautiful fireplace, with a three-panel painting installed in the wall above the mantle. Further along the wall is a really stunning tile fish pond set into the wall. About four feet long and maybe two feet wide, with a spigot on one end above the drain, it almost looks like a bathtub.