Medtronic Diabetes App Case Study
Project Overview:
Medtronic is a medical technology company that creates devices for diabetes management.  The purpose of our design in this 2 week group project was to bridge the gap between diabetes monitoring devices and software.
My main roles: User Research, UI Design & Personas/Storyboards
Play with the prototype here:
Available Interactions: Device Syncing, Sending Charts To Doctor, Adding Food To Log, Carb Calculator
Through interviews, surveys, research, and competitive analyis, we were able to compare current products and identify existing pain points diabetics had with managing their condiiton.  
We were able to focus on a design that would satisfy the most prominent issue diabetics have by creating a problem statement.
Problem Statement: As a diabetic, it is crucial to continuously monitor and track your glucose level.  This is tedius, time consuming and affects all areas of life.
We began to map out main pain points and began generating possible solutions.
Solution Statement: We will simplify monitoring and tracking glucose levels by designing an app that can automatically sync with existing software and devices.
What Sets Us Apart: Information aggregation, one-time sync, and automatic data uploads set us apart from other apps on the market which lack this capability.
From our research, we were able to develop user personas and storyboarded a scenario for our main use case which helped us narrow down our minimum viable product and keep us focused.
We sketched user flows and site maps followed by screens to quickly generate ideas.
From our initial sketches, we mapped out a user flow and sitemap.
We reiterated our designs before testing them on users.
Our process here was cyclical; we tested our designs and reiterated after hearing user feedback, which we then tested again.  We tested approximately 30 people before movin on to digitization.
We used our digitized screens for further user testing.
Next Design Steps:
- to add an accessibility feature in line with US Health & Human Services Section 508
- to design a web and tablet version which displays in-depth information & trends
- to complete more user testing on the "share" / "more" button
- to create an introductory setup screen (walk-through)
Play with the Prototype Here:
Medtronic Diabetes App Case Study

Medtronic Diabetes App Case Study

Medtronic Diabetes App Design by design students at General Assembly SF

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