Solace Records
Solace Records is the brainchild of Jamie Stowell aka Stole or Forge & Tom Bond aka Solitude. Solace was conceived in late 2010 and after much discussion and planning it has recently become a reality for the pair. Both have had extensive backgrounds in the electronic music scene as individual artists. With a huge emphasis on bringing the more deeper and atmospheric sound of dubstep to the masses, the quality of releases will be second to none. On top of these musical ethos there is a massive focus within the label to bring the more underground and upcoming artists thru. With the pair both agreeing that there is not a lot representation for the upcoming producers in the scene. Wasting no time, the label has already secured a very strong release schedule, with artists such as Clubroot, eleven8, Phaeleh & The Hybridz to grace the first batch of releases.

With only offering vinyl releases in limited numbers and by keeping the digital sales to a few high quality sites, the label is sure to carve a massive demand for their forthcoming releases and bring some unique flavours to the table. Tom currently takes on the label managers role and Jamie, runs the other side of things in conjunction with the Silk imprint.