Sberbank Infomotion
Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia, formed back in 1991.
1000+ seconds of pure animation, 100+ versions of storyboards. Visual identity was developed based on Sberbank's corporate colours to help brand's better recognition. Altho the base graphic style is flat, it was enhanced with shadows to underline simple yet elegant and strong geometrical shape of design elements. 
There were two main product lines, both colour-coded with blue and orange palette, accompanied with Sberbank's main green. 
Despite insane duration of the spot we tried to keep animation decent and polished during the whole project. There is no cuts between scenes, everything is one huge morphing animation and it was one of biggest challenges during the project. We had to think through all transitions and plan the whole project way ahead. 
For your convenience we put all 10 shots into one reel so it is more confort to watch.
All shots are separated by Sberbank logo on white background.
We've completely reworked original sound by removing Russian voice-over. Music was specially written and composed for this reel, as well as sound design.
Client: Sberbank
Agency: McCann Erickson
Production company: DTV
General production producer: Elena Pechko
Production manager: Anna Sviridova
Head postproduction company: LOOP
Postproduction producer: Maxim Сhelyadnikov
Design, animation: Alex Frukta, Vladimir Tomin NORD Creative Сollective
Music: The Cosmic Setter
Sound Design: Daruma Audio
Sberbank info movies