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    I was given the task of updating the YLNS (Young Leaders' Network Scotland) Identity, and this is what I came up with.
This was the original concept for the logo, having the Silhouette figure, In full Modern B.B. Officers Uniform (i.e. Shirt, Tie, Trousers, Glengarry etc.) The Figure is knocked out of the you as a subtle way of saying to the members of the YLN that "it's about you" as the Young Leaders' / Officers are the focus of this network.
The Committe likes the initial idea, but didn't want the figure to be saluting, so from there I moved him from saluting & standing at attention to only standing at attention.
After a while the committe came back to me and decided that they didn't want the figure to be wearing the Glengarry, so I went back and removed the Glengarry, which gives it a more youthful look.
Happy with the way the logo now looked, the committee asked if I could do variations for each Boys' Brigade Battalion in Scotland, of which there are around 30.