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    Proposal for International School and museum of flamenco, Jerez, Spain, 2011
Movements and gestures of dancers are full of expression and tension.Dancers bring the fascinated viewer into an internal world of experience andemotion through the swinging movement of their hips, decorative arrangement oftheir fingers and smooth vibration of the ornamental frills. Rhythmic anddynamic music transmits the spectator into a world of incredible aestheticfeelings awakening all senses and inflaming the imagination…
….This is how architecture dedicated to the culture of feisty flamencoshould look like….
Site management and building form reflect the flamenco spirit. Interiorand exterior spaces of ISMOF building were created through the sculpturalinterpretation of the theme.
Building solid responds to diverse height of the terrain – it rises andfalls like a sinusoidal diagram of dynamic sound waves. 
On the ground floor which is canopied by sails vaults an extensivesquare is located – a foreground for internal building programme. Space areasare divided only by glass sheets. As a result internal and external spacespenetrate themselves flowing under vaults of expressive canopies.
Solid angles were risen up to open the surroundings onto a canopiedsquare – whilst shaping a “bowl” of the upper plaza. Upper square is availabledirectly from the terrain's level through a ramp – from the north and from thesouth side of the plot. This is a space for a garden, recreation area and anopen-air amphitheatre but most of all it is a wide open space which can be usedas an arena for various mass and artistic events. Museum and a viewing terracewere located in the highest part of the building.
The structure of the surfaces making up the solid is a very importantaspect of the project. Visions of movement, dynamics, emotional tension andimages of ornamental dress frills, cracks of eroding rocks as well as examplesof decorative perforated architectonic shelters were an inspiration during theproject.
The structural make-up of the solid consists of numerous folds creatingunexpected interrelationships. 
Soothing out and roughness were used to contrast surface of thebuilding's solid – texture becomes another factor creating the sensualarchitecture of ISMOF.
The colour scheme of the project is natural and rough – „mass is of clayor stone” - sculptural materials.
The sculpture of the building strongly interacts with light. Dynamiclighting introduces movement which stimulates the building. Light intensifiesand moderates the aesthetic and emotional experiences and the impact of thearchitecture on its users
This version of the functional programme is one of many possiblescenarios and it is possible to enlarge or reduce its scope. According to thecompetition's brief the conceptual design is the primary focus of the project.
Lets think about architecture. Let’s feel...flamenco....

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