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    Bang & Olufsen - Product launch multi screen AV Show.
Client: Bang & Olufsen
Role: Idea. Technical solution. Motion Design.
Beoplay Product Launch AV Show

The challenge:
To create an audio-visual introduction and suspense before the revelation af the seasons new products!

The solution:
A show of product images revealing more and more detail, orchestrated across multiple screens, until the product manager finally stepped on stage to reveal the physical products.

The setup with multiple screens engage the audience physically as well as emotianally. They are forced to move their bodies and heads around to to watch the show, not just the eyes. This fits well with the B&O concept of multiple products working together seamlessly in your home.

Another challenge was to make the standard B&O products play an active role in the presentation. They are designed for living room use, not for large crowds.

This was accomplished by making the small screens sync with the large projection screen, The smaller screens would show teasing extreme close ups and details. These images were distinct even from a large distance. The big projection screen would show total images, text and graphics.

I developed the idea for the multi screen setup and I did the motion graphics design for the actual show.
The show was used in Struer, at a Bang & Olufsen expansion markets dealers meeting.
and in Stockholm, at a seminar for the Nordic dealers.