East River Electric Cooperative Annual Report
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    Annual report and annual meeting materials for East River Electric Cooperative.
East River Electric Cooperative is an electricity wholesaler in eastern South Dakota and is responsible for providing rural electric coops with electricity from the region's power generators. They host a series of annual meetings for these member cooperatives. The collateral shown here is designed to set a theme for the event as well as fulfill the reporting requirements for annual report.
This proved to be a challenging project. The theme for the report focused on smart power grids, which consist of several technologies being incorporated into the existing power systems in order to make the power grid more responsive and flexible. The report had to communicate these ideas to an audience with only a moderate understanding of the technology involved. The other challenging aspect to the project was production—many of the materials were produced inhouse on the company's color copier.
The suite of annual meeting collateral consisting of: wayfinding posters, annual report, nametags, and invitations.
Spreads from the annual report. *I have taken the liberty of rearranging some of the pages to hint at the contents rather than upload the entire report.*
Mmm, pie charts. Bonus shot of the tables—I think this was probably my favorite part of the whole project. I love a good table.
Some of the early process sketches.