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    Fairies and Dragons is the very first Interactive Digital Happy Meal Toy created for McDonald's
Fairies & Dragons
Building a Property

It all began as a sketch for an eight-year-old's birthday. Wanting something special for his daughter, Fuel's CEO Mike Burns asked the shop's lead character designer to create a fairy character to mark the occasion. That drawing inspired the world of magical fairies and dragons which would lead to the digital reinvention a decades-old tradition, and give birth to a brand new entertainment property launched to tens of millions of children across the world.

This spring, children across Europe are being introduced to four fairies and four dragons that make up the world's first digital happy meal toy-the first step for McDonald's into the digital generation. With the product rolling out in forty markets, McDonald's is embracing a digital evolution. Whether it's from an Oscar-winning studio or an Ottawa based branded entertainment shop, great ideas and flawless execution are what it takes to invent the future.