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    Final Major Project for Foundation Diploma at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts london.
Final Major Project
Quantum Theory As A Basic Concept Or Philosophy
Before I began my degree at Leeds I completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Camberwell College of Arts, part of the University of the Arts London. After experiencing other art and design fields I decided to specialise in graphic design, and one of our first projects was titled 'How Things Work'. We had to choose a scientific phenomenon from a list and create a one minute animation explaining it in an accessible way so that it could be understood by anyone. I chose "Schrödinger's Cat", a complicated quantum thought experiment.

When it came to choosing our own brief at the end of the course, I had been so intrigued by the short encounter I'd had with Quantum Mechanics that I decided to base my entire Final Major Project on it. The end result was an installation representing the inside of a time traveller's office with mirrors either side of the walls and with all text printed backwards, including the typewriter in the centre of the desk. The installation explores themes such as Quantum Entanglement, Time Travel and Parallel Universes in an abstract way that also engages the audience. The project earned me the overall grade of a Distinction for the year.

Throughout the project I kept a detailed blog that I updated everyday, charting the process and production of the research, development and final outcome. You can find it here.