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    Painting the piano during the project "Music nearby", dedicated to festival "Tchaikovsky's homeland"
Client: Izhevsk Philharmonic
Curator of project "Music nearby": Svetlana Shirobokova.
Partisipants: Galina Ushakova, Rosa Burganieva, Evgeniya Bachinskaya and Tatiana Faskhutdinova.
This is sequel of project "Music nearby". The bottom line is that a few piano have been painted by professional artists and installed in different locations of Izhevsk. So everyone can play the piano and enjoy both visual and music art. First piano you can see here.
This time we painted the piano together with my colleague, designer, Aleksej Kaptikov. He significantly improved initial idea and made most crystals. I made lettering and streaks at the bottom of the piano.
Thanks to our beautiful friends who helped us with painting in the final stage of the project :)
We hope that music (especially live music!) will melt the ice in the people's hearts!
Working with idea and basic forms (lettering means "Live music only")
That's fine! Crystals are melted and transformed into liquid streaks of paint.
Trying different variants of lettering...
...something like ice crystals maybe...
...or forks of flame. Definitely, it's better conveys the idea.
Random and beautiful paintings
Thanks for watching!