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    A very cool advertising campaign for Sapporo USA.
Sapporo USA Ad Campaign
Sapporo invites you to try another Japanese tradition.  
This was definitely one of the more entertaining shoots we've done. The idea behind this campaign was to poke fun at how American culture has embraced Japanese traditions and molded them into American calamities. We found some real over-the-top characters for models and let them do their thing. The sweet sounds of man-voice filled the studio as the Karaoke model gazed deep into the eyes of the blushing stylist and belted out classic tunes. The model for Wasabi (a wasabi virgin) was a great sport about the spoonfuls of spicy green paste we fed him to capture the look of terror and the bulging, bloodshot eyes that just could not have been reproduced any other way. Painful for him, hilarious for us.
Creative Director: Rob Brooks
Art Director: Jake Houvenagle
Writer: Mike Wienke
Agency: Moosylvania
Client: Sapporo USA
Photographer / Retouching: Brian Cummings