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Exhibition | spielArt
Chinese whisper played with different media - http://www.spielart.multimediaart.at
In spring 2011 I had my first exhibition, where 32 artists cooperated. The main squad who organized the event consists of six people, me included. Our goal was to show, how a message changed when it goes through different media. We played the game chinese whisper, in german countries it is known as "Stille Post". The difficulty of the game persitsts in the different media. Each of the players had two weeks to made a concept. The concept was send to the next participant, whose challenge was it to get to know the topic of the forerunner. For example: Player A makes a painting. Player B thinks about the topic of player A and records an audio track (or a video, animation, sculpture etc.). He gives his audio track to player C and so on...; but it was necessary to change the media. All the supported media were a part of the game. Collectively we played three rounds, where I made one illustration in each round.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Martin Sachsenhofer, Bettina Mayer, Julia Weithaler, Daniel Triendl and Hans Peter Hochwarter... who where the main team members!
The regional TV Station "RTS" (http://www.rts-salzburg.at/) joined our vernissage and made a report.
Round 1

This illustration was made just with 3D elements, it was a typographic work where a new kind of font was designed. In this round it was very hard for me,  to guess the topic of the previous artist, who made a video.
Round 2

Vanitas should demonstrate the momentariness of life. In the middle is a hand which collapses, all the symbols used in this illustration are symbols of Vanitas.

Round 3

This was an illustration for an post apocalyptical movie. The human race killed itself, because of handling our own technology.

Every player had to give a video response of what he is doing and why. I made the video documentary of the three rounds of play.