Noora's Mediterranean Kitchen
Integrated Brand and Customer Experience Design
Noora's makes fresh and health Mediterranean food with the finest ingredients, prepared from scratch in Auckland and sold across in its outlet for dine in, as well as packaged for take-away.

Storm has created an integrated Brand Identity and Customer Experience design for Noora's that positions it as 'Good, fresh and healthy food from Noora's Kitchen'.

Stripping off all the visual noise typically seen in food branding, the identity deploys minimal graphic elements—the bespoke logo and a decisive color palette with typography—that reflects the purity of the ingredients, and colorful pints that stand out in stores and look great on social media. Since the rollout of the branding, retail sales have increased 50 percent.

The market for healthy food has exploded in recent years, and small independent outlets are no exception. The challenge for me was helping Noora's Kitchen set itself apart in the crowded category. On top of the many brands, most packaging and prints try to communicate too much information. We avoided this visual clutter and confusion with simple communication, colour and typography.

Quiet, confident and appealing, the brand communication, packaging, environment and interior design along with dress code of staff refines the brand to its essence of fantastic ingredients and flavors creating engaging and memorable customer experience addressing all the brand touchpoints across their journey.

At the same time, the simplicity feels homespun and practical. The clean look graphically conveys the wholesomeness of the ingredients, and highlights them without pictorial representations like illustrations of food.

The bespoke brand logo typeface, is ideal for use across print and digital touchpoints. Strong and flexible, the system can be easily adapted for future store and outlet extensions and product lines.