TTHellenic Postbank’s bay cleaner boat initiative

The Problem
Coastal and waterpollution in the bay of Thermaikos, Thessaloniki

The Idea
We came up with the following concept.
Just picture a small boat cleaning up the bay of Thermaikos on a dailybasis. This could be of a great scenery for people going by and a great deal ofrelief for the coastal areas of Thessaloniki. In fact, there once was a boatdoing this job, but it grew old and needed repair…

The Solution
TT Hellenic Postbank has made this happen again. The bank agreed tocover the costs of repairing and upgrading the onboard equipment, so that theboat, dressed in the colors of the bank’s logo, will sail again in the watersof Thermaikos, cleaning the bay coast to coast.

The Result
Clean waters – Quality of Life – Respect for the Environment.