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SPLASH HEROES - AurumLight - MILK Calendar 2015

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This time we wanted to make a very relaxed and colourful series… simply, something really cool!

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Since the Milky Bamboo Forest Fight Shoot we knew we wanted to come back to that idea and explore colours in liquids in depth!

So this year’s calendar is our personal tribute and a milky parody of the heroes genre!

It is my pleasure to introduce you this year’s AurumLight 2015 Milk Calendar, titled SPLASH HEROES, featuring 12 extraordinary Ladies with quite special Liquid powers!

AurumLight – 2015 Milk Calendar – SPLASH HEROES
Miss January – Brooke Lynette
Miss February – Jay Jessop
Miss March – Iga Wyrwal
Miss April – Vicky Burns
Miss May – Vicky Burns
Miss June – Jay Jessop
Miss July – Tamar Leek
Miss August – Dora Marble
Miss September – Kate Austin
Miss October – Bellalatina Vivo
Miss November – Gilda Palas
Miss December – Jay Jessop
This project was photographed over 5 intensive shooting days .
As usual it was very messy, especially with different colours.
Milk was coloured with pigments and food colourisers to match the concepts.
The biggest challenge was to accomplish a specific shapes for the illustrations.
In terms of the Gear:
We were shooting on three different cameras: Nikon D800, Phase One IQ280, Phase One IQ240
Mounted on my favourite Manfrotto tripod platform.
Lighting, modifiers and other bits can be seen in the short behind the scenes video below with the full animated lighting diagram!
SplashHeroes 2015 – Lighting Diagram and Setup:
And if you would like to see some of the Milky action… here is the full Behind the scene video from one of the shooting days done for German TV PRO7 – Galileo Show.
THE SHOOT – SPLASH HEROES 2015 – Behind the Scenes
The whole project was possible thanks to great effort of the whole AurumLight Team and our fantastic models!
AurumLight Team:
Concept / Photography / Postproduction – Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz,
Models: Jay Jessop, Iga Wyrwal, Gilda Palas, VickyB Model, Kate Austin, Tamar Leek, Brooke Lynette, Dora Marble
MUA & Hair Stylist: Katrina Betts, Pia Ruud
Leather Mask Design: Ali O’Brien Designs
Aleksandra Wieczorkiewicz
Ben Prewett
Carl Keane
Brock McFadzean 
Jochen Lauffer
Tim Denis
Bjoern Witczak

Many thanks for checking and your appreciations!
I am happy to let you know that SPLASH HEROES Girls will come back soon as Limited & Signed Large POSTER Prints!

Please watch this space or drop us a message!
SPLASH HEROES - AurumLight - MILK Calendar 2015
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Jaroslav @AurumLight

SPLASH HEROES - AurumLight - MILK Calendar 2015

Milky Illustrations that were made for our limited edition - AurumLight -MILK Calendar 2015 - Splash Heroes Cheers Jaroslav