Update: March 2015
Uniqlo USA
Client: Uniqlo USA
Art Direction: The Six & Five Studio and Willet
3D Design: The Six & Five Studio
Brando Magazine
Client: Publirevistas S.A.
Art Director Publirevistas : Juan Bogisich
Art and 3D Illustration: The Six & Five Studio
Every Place is made of Small Parts
View full project here
Art Direction & 3D Illustration: The Six & Five Studio

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Renault - Dacia
Art Direction: Six & Five
Agency: Publicis Dialog Paris
Production: La Manufacture Paris
Co-Production: The Mushroom Company
Norwegian Directorate of Health
Client Credits:
Bates United
Art Director: Anders Asheim
Copywriter: Petter Andersen
Strategic Advisor: Yngve Hellman
Account Manager: Per Christian Huse
Project Manager: Marianne Sørlie

Developing Credits:
Art Direction & 3D Illustration: The Six & Five Studio 
Head vs Heart
Art Direction: The Six & Five Studio
3d Design: Fran Rossi
Retouch: Fran Rossi & The Six & Five Studio
Dot Baires Shopping
Client: Dot Baires Shopping
Agency: David Agency
Agency Production: Diego Huesca
Agency Art Direction: Matias Lafalla
3D Design: The Six & Five Studio
Sculpt Artist: Daniel Bel
Movest: Jewelry in motion
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Client: Rocket to the Moon USA
Art Direction & Design: The Six & Five Studio

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Stampsy Launch Video
View full project here.
Client: Stampsy Inc.
Production & Art Direction: Hugo & Marie
Design & Illustration: The Six & Five Studio 
Animation: Twistedpoly 
Voice Over: 
Adriana Spencer

View full project here.
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Update: March 2015

Update: March 2015

These past months, we have been working on this projects. This is what we did. Hope you'll like it :)