Fox 75th Anniversary Collection Package Exploration
Fox 75th Anniversary
Package Exploration
This was  a job I worked on that involved coming up with concepts for an unconventional package for the whole collection, as well has having individual line looks that would carry over to the big collection. Below are some of the explorations I worked on. 

The big collection box was to be made from "Curious Touch" (suede-like) texture. Separated by Blu Ray collection and a standard DVD collection, the two- piece design would reveal a book that would enclose the movie titles. When the book is removed from the box, the printed fabric on the bottom would have the movie titles of each of the films printed in various fonts. I wanted to emphasize having clean look on the outside, with a contrast of complex fonts on the inside. 

The line looks needed to work with movie bundles in a Blu Ray amaray, individual DVD amarays, as well as a DVD O-card. Everything from the logo, to the package was done in either illustrator or photoshop for finishing.