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    Here's a sampling of work from the last 5 years. My LinkedIn profile and CV have more details with regards to rewards and leadership/management. … Read More
    Here's a sampling of work from the last 5 years. My LinkedIn profile and CV have more details with regards to rewards and leadership/management. Please email me to request the password to some protected videos: Ljowenhicks@gmail.com. Read Less
Aeroplan Mobile
The Aeroplan mobile app is available on iOS, Android and Blackberry and is the first loyalty app where members can book flights using their rewards via their mobile. This project was in the works for two years and could not be launched. Once we kickstarted it again, we were able to launch in mere months, while completing our business as usual workload, learning everything about Material Design, and linking all complex systems required to make this the best user experience possible.
Aeroplan Mobile Video
Experience a quick tour of the app highlighting some of the ins and outs and design.
This new web refresh was developed in a mere matter of weeks to address several client needs: make something specific to Canada, appeal to user behaviour and communicate to consumer that Dole isn't just about bananas - there's a complete salad line too. This responsive design website is modular and simple and competes with the rest of the pre-packaged Canadian salad market.
Molson NHL Facebook App
Three Facebook pages are all linked in the back end to create one amazing trading and collecting experience. Users collected Stanley Cup Cards in cases, in bars and online for their chance to win tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The National Advertising Awards sent us to Cannes for this entry. Using 14 real stories, we put QR codes to good work for a good cause - making the world a safer place for the LGTBQ community through PFLAG Canada. Here are some samples of the work.
Xperiment.ca is a website designed to teach kids the pros and cons of doing drugs. Earl the eyeball is our guinea pig. He demonstrates the symptoms of the most common street drugs: pot, cocaine and E. This site is an interactive environment riddled with games, facts and ways you can reach out for more information. Please visit xperiment.ca and get acquainted with Earl.
The Coors Light Silver Bullet Express was blasting through the Rockies on its inaugural journey - and we were using Facebook to spread the word. Users could grab a seat on the train by bumping someone else off. This quickly turned into a war of friends and rapidly spread the word about this epic train ride.

This spot was showcased at Cannes in the Act Responsibly gallery. It has also won a Communication Arts award and hopefully more to follow. The spot was created for a dinner honouring Canadian business professionals who are making a difference for greater equality in the workplace.
Fresh off the press. This video for year two of the Catalyst campaign features the wonderful work of Metropolis from the UK, and a thought provoking message directed at 600 business executives seated at a fundraising/ awareness raising dinner.
The Coors Light Mystery Mansion needed to do something different to stand out. By creating a social environment where users can get a sneak peek into the mansion, we created some viral buzz around a potentially stale promotion. Plus, users got a secret surprise at the end.
TD Canada Trust
This TSA is one piece of an integrated effort to let Canada know that TD banks are doing their part to reduce their paper use - up to a football field worth of paper each day. This paperless TSA used reflective ink printed right on the glass panels as a creative way to show Toronto that we are doing our part.

By encouraging Canadians to drop their thermostats in the winter, we can actually reduce carbon emissions and make a measurable impact on the environment. So to inspire people and to let them digitally show their commitment to the environment, we created an online version of National Sweater Day.
...and a teaser print ad to support the movement.
The National Advertising Awards awarded this print ad for Ziploc a bronze. The brief was to showcase Ziploc brand freezer bags and their new tagline: Get more out of it.
To support a 30 second spot and the new Coors Light Vented Cold Case innovation, we created web-exclusive spots released in increments on social media sites. Users could vote on their favourite then tune in to see which one won.