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New Airport for Aarhus Facebook Campaign

Comparison of current projects and their price compared to a new airport. This was made after allegations that the project was way to expensive for the area.
Current catchment areas of Jutlands three largest airports.
Cathcment area of proposed new airport.
current and proposed airport catchment compared.
Approval rating of a new airport being built closer to the city over time.
Comparison of the costs of building an entirely new airport closer to current infrastructure and the city (green), and upgrading the current airport with a new terminal and updated infrastructure (blue).
Diagram and quote from report detailing how a new airport would both directly and indirectly lead to the creation of new jobs.
"Red numbers in Aarhus aiport. Time for trying something new? If so..." Yearly results and passenger numbers for the current Aarhus Airport, which has been in decline for many years.
Noise diagramme comparing the two proposed locations with surrounding infrastructure - to show critics that highways make as much - if not more noise - than a new airport.
"Academics fly too!" A post made for when Aarhus University officially announced that they support the idea of a new airport closer to town.
New Airport for Aarhus Facebook Campaign


New Airport for Aarhus Facebook Campaign

I am currently working as a graphic designer for "Lufthavn til Aarhus" which is an NGO lobbying for a new airport closer to the city of Aarhus. T Read More