Reprezent is a social enterprise that trains young people in media, and also runs the UK’s only FM radio station presented solely by under 25’s.
To rebrand Reprezent from top to bottom, uniting both their radio and enterprise parts of the company, and position them as more professional and contemporary organisation.
We began the process by working with their management team to define their ethos and mission. What emerged was Reprezent’s dedication to providing opportunity for young people, in innovative ways. This insight led to an identity that reflects their ‘breaking out of the box’ mantra, be that through their radio content or their young people’s potential. The identity is dynamic, so it can be customised to work with specific shows, events or sponsors needs. We’re about to launch their new website, app, internal and external communications, new studio and building design, all working to the brand line we created: ‘The Sound of Young London’.
Reprezent Radio