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    Logo and designs for cleantech nanotechnology batteries producer, SILA.
SILA logo and collateral designs
Process shots!
I pitched different fonts and logos. The client, SILA, produces green nanotech batteries and related materials. They desired a logo emanating masculinity, maturity, and modernity, while feeling "serious, quiet, simple, subtle, and clean." The logos were designed with colors and geometries that set them apart from their competitors. 
The favorite logo was Number 4, and different fonts were requested. 
Style sheet - logo in client's preferred colors, and layout ideas. The tiny text on the right details my reports on what (Pantone) colors and royalty free fonts were used (plus sources) for the client's reproduction of anything they see. 

Disclaimer: Any text besides "SILA" is simply gibberish / Lorem Ipsum! (Added for looks.)

If you're curious about the fonts - please view this in high resolution on my official website

Thank you for looking!