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    Breakdown of Terminator portrait. Comission for customized birthday present:D
So there is this guy, who's called T-800 by his friends. And I was asked to draw him as a half destroyed Terminator. It supposed to be birthday T-shirt with illustration.
First, I drew him from a photo as a sketch.
Then, I erased parts of his flesh and composed with endoskeleton underneath. (oh, and popped jacket collar give +30 to awesomeness) Sketching complete!
Painting begun! Covering skin with solid colour.
Sketch layer removed. Used darker skin tone with low opacity, to bring the shadows...
...and then I've continued painting with yellow light over left side of his face.
For right side I used blue light, because illustration supposed to be colourful.
Another layers with solid hair and jacket colour:]
Again: first darkening shadowed parts, and then painting with light.
Solid colour for endoskeleton.
It was fun to allign metal scull elements under face details:D Of course I didn't had to draw whole endoskeleton, but the parts uncovered in sketch.
Adding muscles. Or if you prefer "Cybernetic Organism Living Tissue", nerds!
Finally, splashing blood like Jackson Pollock, and adding scary light in eyeball.
Et voilà!
Another happy customer!