Advice: rebranding one of Romania's coolest NGOs
The client
Advice is a students' NGO based in Bucharest, Romania. Set up in 2002 by a handfull of students passioned about advertising, it developed as the biggest students' NGO in Romania who's activity revolves around the creative industry. The name stands for "advertising vice".

Advice connects students with the professionals from the creative industry, by setting up free conferences, workshops and contests.

Advice's mission is to offer students the practical means and the perfect context to become the next generation of creative practitioners.

The challenge
The rebranding process brought a new name (from "Advice Students" to "Advice", dropping the 'surname'), a new slogan (Young creatives at work), a new ideology (vision, mission, values and brand essence) as well as a new visual identity.

The challenge was to create a fresh, dynamic and flexible visual identity, that conveys the passionate, playful and creative spirit of the NGO's current members, as well as the legacy of the previous generations of volunteers.

The result is a colourful logo built on the concepts of passion for the creative industry (the letter V transformed into a heart) and effervescence (bubbles) and playfulness (balloons).