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    A chair based on a book about lightness, written by aerospace engineers.
Dyneema Chair
TheDyneema Chair was inspired by the 'Lightness' book, in which Dutchaerospace engineers express the idea that textiles can be veryeffective when dealing with forces, and that textiles can be tweakedtowards a specific task.

Thechair can totally be made out of one strong textile by using multipleproduction techniques. 
In this case the chair is made out of Dyneema,a super strong fiber, developed by the innovative chemistry company DSM. 
Dyneema®,has the higheststrength-to-weight ratio of any man-made material in the world. Onweight-to-weight base, it is up to 15 times stronger than steel. Itis used in aviation and aerospace.
In the chair, a woven dyneema is used where tensile-strength is need, a knittedfabric for comfort and a Dyneema-composite with epoxy resin makes upthe rigid parts.