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Identity for LowFundWala

A cost-effective video startup for startups

What started as a branding & identity design project became an obsession with matchboxes. What inspired me? the fact that in a single rupee or at max 2 you get 50 opportunities to light the town on fire but also a beautiful piece of art, sometimes even socially relevant!

LowFundWala's video work spread the word about their clients' work like fire does and hence the metaphor of the matchbox just clicked!
Some earlier iterations of the LowFundWala matchbox
A host of explorations using the matchbox as an inspiration
The entire range of usable logos for Lowfundwala
Letterhead for Lowfundwala
Business card for the Lowfundwala Folks
Identity for LowFundWala

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Identity for LowFundWala

Lowfundwala is a bunch of crazy fellows who make cost-effective videos for startups. Our task was to develop an identity that is synonymous with Read More


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