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Wes Anderson Film Festival
A Wes Anderson Film Festival
Below are just about all of the pieces included in my hypothetical Wes Anderson Film Festival project. It was completed over the course of the spring semester 2009 for the AAU graduate design program. I have written three process posts for ISO50 regarding this project and they can be found here, here, and here. The trailer created for this project is here
Soundtrack Packaging
Record front
Front of record, side A
Inside of record, including "Music of Wes Anderson" essay
Back of record including song list and technical data.
Record Front
Record back
DVD  Set
First DVD, front.
Inside DVD 1
First DVD, back
Both DVD packages
DVD carrying case, fits two DVDs. Custom brand on front.
Bus shelter poster
Billboard poster
Taxi top advertisement

Catalog front, with and without dust jacket.
Portion of catalog interior
Portion of catalog interior
Portion of catalog interior
inside dust jacket of cover, overlapping first page
Presentation Box
Presentation box, all materials contained within
Poster printed. 30" x 44". 
Final poster with slight color shift. (photo by A. Cornell)
Poster close up, center section
Identity System
Envelope, Business card, and letterhead
Envelope, Business card, and letterhead
Schedule, Products, and Tickets
Schedule back
Ticket close up
iPhone and iPod skins
Mock up
Media Page
Info Page
All design/copy by Alex Cornell
Photography for Catalog, Record, Poster, and DVD (2) by Alex CornellPhotography for Record (inside), Advertisements, DVD (1), and Schedule by Naoki Hanjo.
All work photography by Alex Cornell
Wes Anderson Film Festival

Wes Anderson Film Festival


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