Invitation, keepsake, and thank you card for a celebration of life ceremony.

The deceased had a love of the ocean and boating, so I chose to use a theme consistent with the open water. The lighthouse pictured on the pieces is Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on the shoreline in North Carolina nearby where the deceased had recently built a home and relocated. The lighthouse fits the overall theme as well ("Rob was our lighthouse, showing us the way in uncharted waters.").

All printing was done by Direct Edge Media in Orange, California.
The invitation was printed on cardstock and attached to a heavy black paper. The printing on the black paper is a silver metallic, which the envelope matches. We wanted the envelope to stand out in a stack of mail but not to be so dramatic (and difficult to address) as solid black.
The keepsake was designed keeping in mind that it would be distributed at the celebration of life ceremony and that it would need to fit nicely into a pocket or purse. Therefore, I used a trifold design to eliminate the need for patrons to fold it, and to preserve the final piece such that it could be kept as a memento of the event in pristine condition.

The paper is a heavy paper such that the keepsake felt substantial in one's hands but preserved the fold.
The thank you card capped the event and was sent to donors of time, money, and expertise to the event or to charities in honor of the deceased. We chose a metallic blue envelope similar to the silver, again to stand out in a stack of mail as well as a delightful color matching elements of the sky in the lighthouse photo.