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    Package design for Nine Inch Nails: The Remixes (1989 - 2008)
NIN: The Remixes - Outer slip cases
Package design for Nine Inch Nails: The Remixes (1989-2008)

This package is a fictitious box set created for what has to be my favorite band, the venerable NIN.
I wanted to make the case as cold and unassuming at first, with a white on white outer slip featuring an irregular die cut of the famous NIN logo.

The discs contained within are "Further Down the Spiral," "Things Falling Apart," and "Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D." The fourth disc contains multi-tracks of songs for users to create their own remixes.

Removal of inner slipcase showing the CD case through the die cut
Upon removal of the inner slipcase, red from a digitally manipulated light photo shows through - kind of a "rage through technology" sort of statement
Inner case - light photography
The inner case containing the CDs is covered in full size photographs of light taken at long shutter speed while moving the camera, with manual zooming taking place during the exposure.
Inner case, opened with four CDs
Outer case, inner case, discs