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    I had fun revamping the Pinterest's (old) interface to make it more convenient with an intelligent access to features.
Revamping Pinterest for a better boards and pins management.
           1. First imagine a full screen interface with icons on a left bar...​​​​​​​
          2. Now, let's get rid of the Pinning Pop-in window, but allow the user to Pin or like through a contextual menu.
That proposition should keep the great accessibility of the current system that allows to type letters to skip directly to the desired board or to create a new one. The fading of the interface is mainly for presentation purpose.
          3. Let's discover the new Board management panel...
With a click on the board management icon in the left bar, a board panel opens, showing all your different boards unselected.
That interface also allows the user to create a new board... but wait, the most interesting part is coming.
          4. One board selected
Upon selecting a board, the main panel displays all the pins of that board...
          5. Selecting multiple boards
When the user selects multiple boards, the main panels displays all the pins of these boards, thus allowing our user to move by drag and dropping, pins from x boards to any others.
          Thanks for watching.