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    Images created to talk about social issues or news within Social Campaign at Fabrica.
In 2014, fighting intensified between Israel and Hamas, leading to another full-scale Gaza War, this one far deadlier than the previous in 2008-2009. On 17 July 2014, Israel troops entered the Gaza Strip.
More than 2100 Palestinians were killed after Israel intensified its bombardment of Gaza.
"Women should not laugh in public," says Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister in morality speech.
All turkish women and men have the same right to laugh in public; even the flag.
Resist and laugh #direnkahkaha #laugh #turkey #women #BülentArınç
Around the same date of the attack to Charlie Hebdo's headquarters in France, the militant group Boko Haram attacked more than 16 villages in Nigeria, killing over 2000 people.