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    This is an outline of work I did as part of Telefonica's User Design Service Innovation group around the Contextual Services Initiative
Telefonica Research & Development:
User Design Service Innovation Group

Summer 2010
Barcelona, Spain
During the summer of 2010, I worked at Telefonica's User Design Service Innovation ("UDSI") Group, which is part of its R&D division.  Our main focus was the Contextual Services Initiative based upon design-thinking principles such as "empathic research": 

"The key objective is to open up new opportunities for creating meaningful contextual experiences to users, as well as probing user reactions to existing assets and applications. The challenge is to come up with differential value propositions for helping people to take an action when on the go, so that the main action does not happen on the screen but enriches their real experiences within an environment, or enriches their social life."

With the idea of helping people find and connect to things, people, places and events they care about, this initiative looked at different variables: spatio/temporal, processes/activities, community/social network & identity/moods.  We explored this by enabling 8 pre-screened users in Barcelona with smartphones and video diaries and asked them to record their experiences over several weeks, particularly those that were positive or frustrating.  This allowed for enriched, context-appropriate analysis and idea-generation.

Below is a depiction of the tools used, one video montage of common user experiences, a selection of individual video diary entries and photos of our thematic streamlining of user output with--of course--Post-It notes.  The videos are in Spanish.
Contextual Services Initiative Tools
Summary Video 4: Enhancing Experiences
Realtime Info: Coordinating travel schedules (User 4)
Realtime/Geolocational Info: Finding a parking space (User 1)
Adapted Maps: Navigating city construction (User 8)
Information Retrieval: Determining the quality of a restaurant for a business lunch (User 6)