Vertuccio's - Restaurant Logo and Website, Brooklyn, NY
Logo identity and website for Vertuccio's restaurant in Brooklyn, NY

I was contacted by Stephanie Abrams @ (now SocialFlyNY) to create a logo design and website for a new italian restaurant in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. The head chef was Vinnie Accardi, who had recently been a featured competing chef on Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen reality television program. I collaborated with Vinnie, Stephanie and Vinnie's publicist to create the final result featured here. Unfortunately the restaurant is no longer in business and the website was taken down shortly afterward. I have featured a mockup of the original website on my own web host: mockup link here.
Promotional materials for Vertuccio's, featuring Chef Vinny Accardi of Gordon Ramsay's "Hells Kitchen"
Website design for Vertuccio's, mockup available @