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    Graphic and Web Design Work made for the FP7 SQWIRE project, for which I am the project administrator.
Silicon Quantum Wire transistors
I am the Project Administrator of the SQWIRE (Silicon Quantum Wire transistors) project which is a 3-year project funded by the European Union in Nanoelectronics research. www.sqwire.eu   

-   The aim of the SQWIRE project is to develop a disruptive, industry-compatible CMOS technology based on novel silicon nanowire transistor structures. 

- Project partners :// Tyndall National Institue - UCC- University College Cork - Ireland // CEA-LETI (French Atomic Energy Agency) - France // IMEC - Belgium // SOITEC - France // Intel (IPLS - Intel Performing Learning Solutions) - Ireland // IMEP/INPG (Grenoble) - France // MAGWEL - Belgium // URV - Universidad Rovira I Virgili - Spain //
Project Management
Specific Management tools developped for the SQWIRE Project:
 - Process Management Plan
 - Management Structure Graphics
 - PERT Diagram
 - Meeting Graphics