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    Khoj was an Online Treasure Hunt event organized as a part of annual cultural fest of MVSR Engineering College.
Khoj was a treasure hunt event organized as part of annual cultural fest of MVSR Engineering College. This was one of best projects till date. The event needed us to create a Website where people were given a series of puzzle to solve. User upon solving a puzzle will be moved to next level, presenting him a much harder puzzle.
The project needed us to engage users before 20 days of actual fest to till the time of the fest. We were engaging them on Facebook by creating a page and releasing daily hints and encouraging users in discussion on Facebook page. Introduced Gamification elements in the game by Leaderboard and scores. Engaging friends on players on Facebook by posting Give away questions.
We were able to successfully reach 350 participants. In Facebook we reached 2400 people with posts, thus spreading the news of our annual fest to wider audience. Khoj website was visited by 600 unique users.
Regarding the website, we have coded it entirely in Zend Framework in a week time, supported by MySQL in backend, using jQuery plugins extensively in UI. Source Code is available on GitHub, for any other college teams to adopt and start using it.

Demo: http://khoj.net76.net/
Code: https://github.com/jrahulroy/khoj-cms
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