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    Photo Essay: The last few days of Basic Military Training on the island of Pulau Tekong, Singapore.
Infantry | Never Look Back
Sons of Singapore
Pulau Tekong, Singapore —Observing their surroundings, commanders from the 4th Singapore Infantry Regiment prepare themselves to lead new conscripts who will be training in unfamiliar territory.

Sowing the Seeds of Vigilance
Under orders, conscripts are positioned to keep watch for enemies vigilantly with field packs as heavy as 20 kilograms as their bodies cushion it against the hard ground and lay firmly against their Kevlar helmets.

Run for Cover!
Leading by example, Company Sergeant Major Wong and his Platoon Sergeant supervises the movement and safety of these young conscripts as they move out for action.

The Tides of Battle
Every year, thousands of new conscripts grit their way through Basic Military Training on this very island; weathered by the mud-rain-frost-and-wind, they'll never look at nature the same way again.

Never Look Back 
Journey on a 5 ton truck leaves a brief moment for introspection: the days ahead will be long and tough for the weight of our country lies on the shoulders of these young men.