Venues & Schedule
Like in other football tournament projects, there use to be at the beginning of the coverage, a piece showing the stadiums and detailing the schedule, so here I designed a symmetrical double. At the very beginning, because the 2015 AFC Asian Cup was held in Australia, I tried to use as main layout flowing shape, some shape that can be related to the boomerang flight path without being to realistic. In some moment I decided for the infinite path, that gave me the symmetry that I needed. I wanted one page to be mostly illustrated and the complementary one more infographic.
As leitmotif I used the aboriginal pointillism style so I asked my colleagues Winie Ariany and Marcelo Duhalde to illustrate the stadiums following that dot painting style. Together, they plot around 19,000 dots!
I used small symbols for each stadium, the same that I used in the map and the schedule in the left page, so the both pages were fully connected in content and in aesthetics. In the infinite-shape's eyes I'd put some related historical information: quantity of stadiums and attendance and quantity of match days, both chronologically from 1956 to 2015.

Work evolution
Venues & Schedule