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    Final project of MA graphic design course in LCC
This is the final project of master study in London college of communication in 2014. 
The project aim to break the traditional stereotype of literary publication by using the visual language of mass consumer culture.
Extra tissue is a publishing plan focusing on literature. The initial idea of this project is using a kind of colliding and contrary design language to break the gap between the low culture and high culture
as well as people’s inherent viewpoint to form an interesting contrast. Literary publications are unnecessary to be black and white, they could be, on the contrary, very colorful. There is no need to be neat or bound together into books, they could be instead rough-and-tumble, full of pictures and printed on thin paper. There is not essential to be expensive or elegant, they could be, on the other hand, cheap and divided into several volumes.
In order to respond to the subject, I named this literary publishing plan as extra tissue, which the first issue is poems from American poets Frank O’hara.
The publication includes a book, two promotional flyers, a set of coupons and a poster. All of the items are printed by risograph and bound by a tummy band.