The Bible of Weezus F. Christ
What would have happened if Lil' Wanye and his crew had been alive 2000 years ago.
A labor of love, The Bible of Weezus F. Christ is a 32 page fully illuminated manuscript of what the bible would have been like if Mr. Carter had been Jesus. The members of Cash Money/Young Money records (plus a few other friends) are the 12 disciples, Nicki Minaj is Mary Magdalene, Lil' Kim the Virgin Mary, and Biggie Smalls the Notorious G.O.D. With text derived from the book of John, "The Bible of Weezus F. Christ" follows the life of Weezus from the last supper of waffles and sizzurp to his resurrection when he reveals that he is in fact not human, but a martian. Below are samples of the illuminations in the book. You can buy the whole book here:
Weezus's 12 Disciples (left to right)
Top:  St. Slim, St. Jae Millz, St. Mack Maine
Middle: St. David Banner, St. T-Pain, St. Rick Ross, St. Tyga, St. Omarion
Bottom: St. LLoyd, St. Drake, St. Birdman, St. Jay-Z
St. Birdman aka Baby 
Weezus on the cross next to the two criminals, Michael Vick and DMX
The Lamentation of Weezus by the Virgin Lil' Kim, St. Drake and
The Notorious G.O.D.
St. Nicki realizes the man she is talking to is the recently risen
Weezus F. Christ
And Weezus said