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          This is the first visual identity that I have created for a wedding. That’s right, visual identity for a wedding! The bride and groom are close friends of mine; I have known the groom for 19 years, growing up together and spending 12 great years as class mates. Thus, it was fairly easy to understand what their preferences would be for this type of work.

I used this visual approach because I wanted to evade the monotony of present day weddings, where all the visual elements, invitations, menus etc., are done after the same templates. Preset day weddings are almost identical; they follow the same visual principles, mindlessly mix some unrelated elements and ending up to be just some poor copies of something unoriginal.

I believe that what we need is something personal, something that really defines the bride and groom; this is supposed to be a unique moment in their lives after all! In the following lines I will try to explain the concept behind the logo I created. The groom’s name is Adrian and the bride’s name is Dana; I took their initials, which put together also form the word:  ‘’DA’’ in Romanian, in translation: ‘’YES’’ ("I DO"). You know: the very same word you say in front of the priest! :)

I emphasized the letter ‘’D’’ and through this the feminine side, the bride. The groom, Adrian, ‘’sneaks up’’ from the background. Although at first sight you would recognize a lowercase letter ‘’a’’, by disregarding this you will notice the uppercase letter ‘’A’’; I am sure you see it now.

The wedding invitations were sent during the summer and the tulip represents that period (they are also the couple’s favorite flowers).  The wedding took place during the autumn and the visual element chosen was the dahlia. My final thoughts regarding this project are that although it took a lot of hard work and energy to complete it was altogether fun and rewarding. Maybe this project will inspire other creatives out there!