Hussar Inspired Dakar Rally
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    Hussar Inspired Dakar Rally vehicle. The wings would generate friction and provide an additional energy source for the team.
Inspired by the Winged Cavalry, the swift and agile Hussar Dakar rally vehicle applies the same principles of mobility, adaptability and self-sufficiency sided with an aggressive competitive character.

Built as the toughest competitor, the Hussar Dakar rally vehicle is a proper off-roader ready to survive all weather conditions and terrain such as dunes, mud, camel grass, rocks and erg. Designed with self sufficiency in mind, it is ideal to cover all checkpoints including those over 900 km’s per day.

“The sound was like that of a thousand blacksmiths beating with a thousand hammers.” Aside from generating kinetic energy, the main weapon of this vehicle is psychological. The wings mounted on the rear of the vehicle make a raw, vicious clatter that will definitely jolt any competitors off their tracks.