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Food Behavior Nutrition Tools
UC Davis Nutrition
These tools were used to collect data on low income, low literate families about their nutrition and sometimes physical activity behaviors. Most of these tools included a companion instruction guide to help nutrition representatives administer this tool.

This was a constant project that happened throughout the 3 years I was working at UC Davis. I worked with my former design professor at UC Davis on the design, layout and photography of/in these tools as well as coordinating with Nutrition Education Specialists for their nutrition content and research results (to improve the clarity of future tools). I worked with the now defunct NoNeg commercial printer in Sacramento to select materials, finishing products, pricing, and file handling.

For the "On the Go: De Prisa" tool, I worked with a graduate student within our lab. This was her thesis project. This tool was built from the ground up in regards to design. I departed from the original design layout (1st photo) and created a collage for the front page comprised of elements that would be represented within the tool. Each page had pastel colors to lessen the distraction from the content. I was the main photographer and photo editor on this project.