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Math Nutrition Workbook
Walkfit was a Design Research project to produce a workbook that combines California Content Standards in math with nutrition education. Since I handled the design aspect and the rest of the team handled the content and nutriton aspects, I took different design elements such as title graphics, typography, stock photos, etc directly to the students we were designing for to see what their opinion was, what their most favorite TV shows, magazines or things to do were and how they liked to see things in terms of design. Not only did I go to the students, I also went to bookstores and researched online to see what the latest magazine and website design was like for kids and what was popular. Much of what you see here is the result of many months of research with the students as well as my own individual research. These materials are available for purchase for any school that wanted to teach it.

I worked with my nutrition coworkers to input and design their content in conjunction with what the students wanted. Teacher elements were put in a separate CD to reduce production costs of a separate workbook. I coordinated with Repro Graphics, a UCDavis in-house based commercial printer to produce the final products from discussing costs and paper selections to cds to packaging to printing.