Ayelet Naturals - Facial scrubs
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    Packaging design for organic beauty products
Ayelet Naturals
Facial scrubs
We're working on the graphic image for Ayelet Naturals, a little brand that produces organic aromatherapy, skincare, bath and body products from NY to anywhere (Ayelet sells her products only via online stores).We've created the brand re-design and several products lines. The scrubs are one of the lines we created. We tried to develop a label system that looks fresh, natural and beautiful to costumers' eyes. In this way, we used clear hues and created  linear hand-made illustrations showing the main ingredients of each product. We also included little geometric shapes with powerful colors used as accent in the general color scheme. The result is an attractive label system easy and cheap to print and stick on standard glass jars.
This project has been showcased on Lovelypackage.com