Smells Like Animal

multi-sensory design
Senses represent the anatomical interface between the environment and the behaving organism. The survival and reproductive success of an organism depends on the acquisition of sensory stimuli. In this regard, Homo sapiens do not eat or reproduce with whatever is available; instead, they show considerable selectivity.

Being civilized and human means, for one thing, that our lives are not ruled by smells. The social behavior of most animals is controlled by smells and other chemical signals. But humans "see" the world largely through eyes and ears. We neglect the sense of smell—and often suppress our awareness of what our nose tells us. Many of us have been taught that there is something shameful about odors.

My project is an attempt to take our forgotten sense of smell back to where one can find himself at least once in the most ancient of human conditions. In order to magnify the sense of smell I integrated another primitive sense, sense of touch that will assist and fuse coherently to our essential sense. This project creates an opportunity to advance again in our primitive and loyal sense of smell. Extending our limits to experiences that make us feel stronger. The fusion of smell and touch enables the sense of smell to be our primary way of sensing the world. It allows us to experience differently, to provide greater awareness of objects, people and environment that surround us. 

The device supports the nose by dexterity, maneuverability and strength. The design also allows you to reach up, down and into difficult spaces even to areas you cannot see. This allows you to perform tasks, which range from the advanced ability to select nitrogenous food faster and more safely and also to boost physical sensation.