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    Concepts prepared in 2012 for sci-fi epic 'Jupiter Ascending'.
Some of many designs prepared in 2012 for the sci-fi epic 'Jupiter Ascending' by The Wachowskis. I worked mainly on early explorations of Aegis cruiser (exterior and various interior parts) as well as on ZERO's hangar, assembly and deployment system.
Aegis Cruiser
Ship thumbnails
Aegis concept, based on prehistoric fish. The idea was that thrusters were inside 'fins' and 'tails', so they would change the configuration during manoeuvres.
Aegis concept
Aegis interior
Early version of brig where Caine is imprisoned
Main deck - shapes and textures exploration
Some sketches for Aegis med-chamber. Originally, a couple of scenes were to take place in it. In the movie, it's reduced to a few seconds after Caine is rescued from the void. However, you can see injectors ideas being used in Balem's lab as part of his examination/torture devices.
Hangar concept
Hangar concept
ZERO assembly site (horizontal). Initially, ZERO's parts were to be arranged around the main part.
ZERO assembly site
ZERO assembly site. Different, vertical assembly that later evolved into the final version seen on film.
ZERO assembly site D
ZERO assembly process - part 1. One of the ideations as to how ZERO's parts are coming together and in what order.
ZERO assembly process - part 2
ZERO assembly process - part 3