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    Illustrations for Imagine 2011 final event.
Imagine Creativity Center is a project created by Xavier Verdaguer and his team of Innovalley. The intent of this project is to suggest solutions to change the world.
Imagine opens its doors to "dreamers twice a year. In every edition, 12 talented people will be chosen to work on 4 disruptive projectThe future of Urban Mobility, The future of the shopping experience, The future of advertising and Smart Apparel 2.0.
Elena (Designer) and Óscar (Musician)
Albert (Inventor) and Néstor (Astronaut)
Janire (Inventor) and Javier (Advertiser)
Aitor (Aviator) and Carmina (Dolphin trainer)
Rubén (Superhero) and Jesús (Journalist)
Jordi (Designer) and Álvaro (Footballer)
The Future of Urban Mobility team: Carmina, Rubén and Néstor
The future of advertising team: Elena, Javier and Álvaro
The future of shopping experience team: Jesús, Albert and Jordi
Smart Apparel 2.0 team: Óscar, Janire and Aitor
Promoters and collaborators:
Maria Puy (Social Innovation Mentor). She dreamed to be an archaeologist
Eduardo Sicilia (MBA director in EOI). He dreamed to be a radio announcer
Fernando Botella (CEO). He dreamed to be a teacher
Sergio Cortés (Founder and CEO of Cink). He dreamed to be an aerialist
Sonia Mulero (Inlea Fundation's director). She dreamed to be a singer
Piedad Fernández. She dreamed to be a reporter