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    Designer : Ito Kish Assistant Designer : Lawrence Anthony Pontillas

Ito Kish reveals that this collection of high-back and low-back indoor and outdoor chairs is dedicated to his grandmother Julia. The idea came when he saw an old rocking chair and was reminded of the woman whom, as a child, he used to visit in her small bamboo house on stilts. There, in that home without electricity, they would spend moments together, him just done with school, her finished with a day of washing other people’s clothes. She would be resting on a simple wooden stool or a bamboo chair. This collection is a little retro and a touch fanciful, but is most of all Ito’s way of making it better for Julia. He says, “This time I want her to sit on a chair that is regal.” Grandmother Julia would have surely appreciated that aside from the Julia chairs made from rattan that she could have put inside her bamboo house, there are also versions made from PE Plastic that she could have pulled outside, to enjoy the cool evening breeze with her grandson.

Designer : Ito Kish
Assistant Designer : Lawrence Anthony Pontillas