Wait & See
Artworks on the theme of 'Anticipation'
Wait & See is a collaborative book project created by Tom Lovell, David Marsh & Simon Mortimer from the Lincoln School of Art and Design, Graphic Design Class of '09.

Students including myself were asked to contribute artworks for this wonderfully executed 2-colour booklet based on the theme of anticipation.

The artworks shown below together with others created by fellow classmates made 'Wait & See' a worthy winner of ‘Best Student Book’ at the British Book Design & Publishing Awards 2009.
My first entry plays around with the meaning of the word 'anticipation' in order to create this artwork. What might seem like an abstract composition of shapes is also an interpretation of the meaning of anticipation.
My second entry for the book is a series of 4 artworks entitled 'Cancer'. The narrative, meant to represent the medical team, changes as events take turns for the worse in rapid succession, thus highly increasing the level of anticipation from the patient’s perspective.
Based on a real event, the series stops at the worst stage of the diagnosis, this time leaving you, the viewer, in anticipation as to what has happened to the patient.