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    Creative platform/campaign for improved EMOB credit card experience
We created a new vision for the "EMOB" (early month on book) credit card experience that elevated the message from one based on the possibilities of a new card to the greater potential of credit itself. With a more emotionally driven, consumer-centric approach, we enabled a stronger brand impression and connection while driving the consumer along the journey towards the first purchase (and beyond).
Or, to say it another way, by inspiring customers and giving them a simple plan to follow, we can make the incredible achievable.
While researching credit cards, the customer checks out Wells Fargo's Facebook page to see what people are planning for.
In the bank, the customer picks up a "take-one" brochure to review. Information is provided in an easy to follow, visual manner, reinforcing the idea of small steps to reach a larger goal.
For a more personal experience, a banker walks the customer through the credit card application porcess on an iPad, where they can both share the screen and establish a plan for achieving the customer's goals.
A small, iconic Wells Fargo lockbox is actually a premium welcome kit mailer sent to select high value customers with excellent Klout scores. It provides information on rewards benefits, redemption opportunities, customer service, and has a strong call to action to activate.
The "standard" version of the welcome kit mailer.
New card owner receives an email focused on the key values of their rewards card and pushes them to activate it online.
When visiting WellsFargo.com to check their online banking transactions, the customer sees a personalized sign-in reminder to activate their card online.
Customer logs-in to their online account and sees their personalized plan integrated into their dashboard.
While at the ATM taking out cash, customer is served up a reminder about merchants in the area that provide bonus points when using their rewards card.